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dc4lan (klondike)

The DC4Lan project aims towards providing a set of free as in freedom Direct Connect clients tuned for use at lan parties and in a similar way a free as in freedom Direct Connect hub that can be used at these kind of events too.

We base our work on EiskaltDC (sources at: ) and Air DC (sources at: ) both are GPL programs based on DC++ (which was the first GPL DC client).

The configurations we provide are released as CC0 (so anybody can modify them as they see fit) or if that's not possible the most similar license possible.

Also the small linux configuration installer and the release generator is licensed under GPLv3 or later.

Finally, our documentation is licensed under a CC-BY-SA license.

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delphos (nicow)

DelphOS is a GNU/Linux distribution that plans to introduce a novel approach for users to interact with their systems. DelphOS introduces radical changes in the structure of graphical interfaces related to usability by optimizing the usage of the different input mechanisms the computer has and reorganizing them in a way that still remains unexplored. Considering its objectives, DelphOS as a project presents wide horizons, for instance: its own graphical interface, a collection of its own applications, modification of control structures of external applications, etc. Our project intends to establish a new usage standard based on the benefits of usability taken to utmost possibilities. This project intends to be developed in and only include free and open software.

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edyuk (fmc)

Edyuk is free, GPL'ed, fully-featured an highly flexible Integrated Developpment Environment written in C++ using the Qt 4 toolkit. It's primary goal is to provide an easy to use and complete developpment platform for C++ developpment, particularly in combination with the Qt 4 toolkit. However, thanks to its plugin-oriented architecture and its dynamic perspective-based GUI, it can easily be extended to support other programming languages, build systems, debuggers, GUI toolkits, ...

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ffdiaporama (domledom)

Créateur de film vidéo à partir de titres, de photos et de clips vidéo.

ffDiaporama est le grand frère du projet Videoporama également hébergé sur tuxfamily. (Il est développé et maintenu par les mêmes contributeurs). Il est conçu en Qt, plutôt qu'en Python-Qt, et est placé sous licence libre GPL v2.

ffDiaporama inclus de nombreuses nouvelles fonctionnalités tel que : - une preview "temps réel" - des filtres graphiques (luminosité, contraste, gamma, couleurs, etc...) - de nouveaux effets Ken Burns (rotation, filtres, etc...) - de nouvelles transitions (près de 140 au total) - la génération des films en 1 passe - une nouvelle timeline - de nouveaux effets de textes etc...

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flukz (yukito)

Video game editor, allowing anyone to create video games without programming knowledge (currently, only shoot'em up games). Programmed in C++ with Qt library. Licence GPL v2 for the source code, GPL or CC-BY-SA for the artwork.

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Geoffray's personnal pages

geofperspage (fatalerrors)

Geoffray's personnal pages are about experience about Linux, KDE and Free Pascal. Some personnal software will be available via this site, under GPL license. Particularly YacIDE and Molar Mass. Any other cotents (blog, tips and trics) will also be available under free license, depending on the content (CC or FDL). So, welcome !

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gericom (yanev)

Mostly unstable open source software for debian systems, categorized in BG dictionaries, multimedia, graphics, office, Canon ip1800 drivers, and some system utilities.

License: GPLv2 or higher.

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git-cola: a highly caffeinated git gui

gitcola (davvid)

git-cola is a sweet, carbonated git gui known for its sugary flavour and caffeine-inspired features.

git-cola is licensed under the GNU GPL v2.

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hydrogen (smoors)

Hydrogen is an advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

It is licensed under the GPL v2.

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Hylius E17 Project Tools...

hylius (futility)

Hylius project is a collection of tools for e17 desktop(hardware browser, messenger...).

Existing and functionnal: -EHB aka "Enlightened Hardware Browser". -detect library(not e17).

in devel: -envol

In another way, HandiMalin isn't a part of Hylius-E17 project: -HandiMalin.

All is under GPL2

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