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mathsp (dlefur)

site de profs de maths mettant à disposition des profs et des éléves des outils de travail.

utilisation de latex, emacs, pour la création de documents. utilisation de geogebra pour la géométrie dynamique.

Gestion du site par spip

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mehregan times; notes for free people

mehreganxyz (mehregan)

A Blog for writing articles about free software, libre documents and notes about privacy and gender and race equality in Persian using GFDL license for documents and GPLv3 for codes.

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Mémos Debian/Ubuntu

memoslinux (inzenux)

Regroupement de mémos -sous license GFDL- autour des systèmes à base Debian (Debian, Ubuntu, Debian-ARM). Ils seront constitués principalement de commandes pour maintenir, faire évoluer, réparer des installations Linux sur des serveurs/stations.

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Metal Tower

metaltower (razi)

A free open-source clone of Icy Tower in 3D on license GPL

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mezamashi (guezengar)

Site web minimaliste sur une alimentation alternative, des solutions cosméto-pragmatiques et des préoccupations éco-urbaines. Contenu écrit et photographique diffusé en Licence Art Libre.

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Mémoire Grise Libérée

mgl (admyre)

"Mémoire Grise Libérée" est un site de documentation technique, de howtos et autres mémos autour de l'environnement GNU/Linux. Quasiment toute la documentation est sous licence GNU/FDL.

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miniini (kiithsa)

MiniINI is a a free/open source (X11/MIT License), minimalistic, fast and simple to use C++ library for reading ini (or cfg) files. It has no dependencies and should compile on any platform with a standard compliant C++ compiler (although it requires C99 support).

The goal of MiniINI is not to support a myriad of extensions to the common INI format, but to be easy to use and to read (and, in future, write) ini files as quickly as possible.

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molaeiorg (molaei)

A website in persian language, including tutorials and articles about Free Software and GNU/Linux and it uses Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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Monkey Studio IDE

monkeystudio (pasnox)

Monkey Studio is a Free crossplatform Qt © 4 IDE licensed under GPL2 & GPL3.

It's primary goal was to offer a crossplatform IDE for Qt 4 prjects. It's now advance enough to extends it with plugins to allow custom projects type to be recognize ( vcproj, cmake ... ).

Same Development Environment on all Platforms It's developped using the Qt library itself. So it should run on every platform that Qt© 4 supports. This way you can work on your progress on every platforms in the same IDE. Developing cross-platform software can be so easy!

Uses Qt Project Files Monkey Studio uses Qt Project File (.pro) to manage the project. There are no extra files created. If you want to switch to other tools, the sources will not have any extra, IDE specific file cruft. Just the code you need.

And several other tools to ease coding:

project creation wizard synthax highlighting code completion gdb integration ability to manage files per platforms And so many that we can't enumerat all there !

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MSM Secured Desktop

msmdesk (msm123)

Un environnement de bureau libre, sécurisé et paramétrable permettant l’accès au systèmes d'authentification Active Directory et MSMdesk User Annuar(MSMdesk-auth). Dispose de la prise en charge d'extensions. Licence: GPL v3

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