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Slitaz World

slitazworldg (slitazworld)

Slitaz World a pour vocation de mettre des ressources à disposition de la communauté Slitaz : Tutoriels, annonces, galeries, et à moyen terme : blog et magazine. Slitaz World se veut comme un complément au site officiel ( Le contenu sera publié sous Licence Creative commons (CC-BY-SA).

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Treematk PHP tree visualizer

treematk (yuwash)

A server-based tree diagram visualizer generating simple HTML lists out of a submitted string, displayed as a tree using CSS; The resource-saving PHP script uses nested arrays, which are optimum for creating trees with flexible child numbers (not only binary trees). All the components of the opensource project should be licensed under the GNU LGPL license ( to let both free and proprietary software developers take advantage of it.

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