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informfr (esclinux)

informfr se propose de rassembler dans un même dépôt les diverses traductions en français des bibliothèques pour Inform, un système de création de jeux d'aventures textuelles (cf. ). Ces traductions suivront les licences des auteurs originaux (pouvant être parfois gpl notamment).

Nous prévoyons également de réaliser un ou plusieurs jeux d'aventure en commun sous licence CC-BY-SA

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ipup (nibl)

iPup is a light and fast desktop Linux distribution based on Puppy Linux. iPup was born out of the need to distribute Puppy Linux freely, unhindered by codec patents. iPup allows PC vendors to preinstall Puppy Linux on thin clients and mini PCs without paying any license fees.

iPup has two main goals:

1) To increase the stability over the official Puppy Linux release on which iPup is based. iPup prioritizes stability before innovation.

2) To only include free, Open Source software. This means removing any non-free, proprietary code from the Puppy Linux base, and finding free software alternatives if available.

iPup is a Linux distribution so various Open Source licenses are used by the included softwares. All included licenses are Open Source.

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Ipv blog

ipvblog (ipv)

blog orienté sur la sécurité informatique. analyse axé sur l'architecture des systèmes d'exploitation et présentation des divers travaux liés. projets et codes sources sous licence libre(beerware, gpl, bsd)

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libRadis: a PHP5 utility library for website/tools development

libradis (lebouquetin)

libRadis is a 100% object oriented PHP5 utility library.

Its goal is to give easy and object oriented access to tools like local file access, path concatenation, arrays manipulation, etc.

The library is licenced under the BSD licence.

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lituus (lbartoletti)

Groupe contenant mes différentes activités open source comme le maintien de certains ports FreeBSD, le développement d'outils SIG (QGis : GPL2), la création d'une bibliothèque C (Unlicense/BSD), etc.

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Linux Community

lnxcomnty (projjalm)

Respected moderators,

I'm Projjal Moitra, and what I'm trying to build is a world-wide community of Linux users and any tech enthusiasts. My idea is to gear today's Linux commnunity, which is so broken apart by opinions, ideologies, and differences in their personal taste, in a direction which everyone favors and make it the voice of free software supporters, ethical minds, and every member that is directly/indirectly related to it. I know this is a big word, but the thing is, the only strength that linux and FOSS lovers have, is their community. So why not try to unify it? Maybe unifying it, will be a bad idea in itself because it's always better to keep everything decentralized. But what I'm trying to do is optimize the differences, make it a friendly place for everyone, and thus, making it the face of linux and free software culture. Obviously, like every community, this one will also have a set of guidelines, but everyone will be always welcome to this family of online chatrooms, regardless of their differences in all attributes. The main objective of this project is to make the linux userspace friendly and rich once again. Currently, the community is hosted on matrix, and discord (I know it is a non-free service, I'll soon move it to a free platform with the help of tuxfamily). I will conclude it by specifiy my requests and license - > A web-hosting server for the website of Linux Community, with server-side python. And all of the content on the website can be licensed under CC-BY-SA and the code under a 2BSD license. I can guarantee that all of the content and code will be free, as in free speech, and if you insist, you can make minor modifications to this idea of mine, as this project is still in alpha and supposed to be a long-term one. And again, thanks for considering my request once again. And again, I am a novice in the technical aspects of things, so feel free to ask me any queries related to it. Thanks for considering my request once again :)

Yours sincerely, Projjal M.

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LSD10 Compilateur 2009-2010

lsd10 (ma120358)

Réalisation d'un compilateur de langage LSD10, dans le cadre du cours de Syntaxe et sémantique des FUNDP Ce compilateur est sous licence BSD Pour le droit de diffusion le prof a bien préciser que l'on avait le droit de distribuer le code et toute documentation sur le web sans problème. Etant donné que l'on peut reprendre le code des années précédentes pour nous aider et guider dans la création de notre compilateur.

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lynxstep (slash)

LynxStep aims to create an operating system based on ideas borrowed from OPENSTEP and Mac OS X. It will be based on FreeBSD and GNUstep. The software will be released under the terms of BSD and GPL licenses.

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milkernel (milk)

MILK (Milk Is Like a Kernel) is a hobby kernel under development which aims to... just have fun. It is licensed under BSD.

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