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General information

  • Groupname: stkaddons
  • Users: arthurd, xapantu, stephenjust, hiker, unitraxx, hilnius, auria
  • Description:

    This site is a repository for karts and tracks which aren't include in the main package of SuperTuxKart, an open-source kart racing game. You can download the addons in your web browser and from within SuperTuxKart. You can also upload your add-ons. This add-ons will be released under an open-source license (Creative Commons or GPL). The site engine (written in php) is also under GPLv3.





    Used for interaction with game clients or our android app. Separate web area, primarily for separate statistics.

    This will be very high traffic with low file sizes.


    The main STK Addons website. It allows our users to view, rate and upload content for the SuperTuxKart game.