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General information

  • Groupname: nawi
  • Users: db8200
  • Description:

    Nawi is an open-source multi-platform alternative to well-known applications that display Earth or other planets in 3D (virtual globes).

    It is written in C++, using OpenGL and wxWidgets and is released under the GPLv3. Data used in this program is downloaded from public domain data sets, or data sets made accessible for free software.

    In the future, Nawi should benefit from the huge community of Linux open-source developers, and include features that do not exist in any other existing application.





    This website presents the Nawi project, and gives access to screenshots, documentation, source code and binary packages.

SVN Repositories

  • nawi/nawi

    Nawi SVN repository (The doc specifies that I should not use "svn" or "subversion" for my repository. So I'm deleting nawi/svn and creating nawi/nawi, before to send my source code).