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General information

  • Groupname: gnumedia
  • Users: brylie
  • Description:

    The aim of is to create a social network for multimedia productionists who use Free Software. This portal will contain Open Educational Resources relating to multimedia production using Software Libres. The portal will not contain advertisements and will have a strong privacy protection policy and practicum.

    Side projects will include distributed project management, Free Software consultancy, Free Software Technical support network, online mapping framework, and solution implementation for Social Profit Organizations and individuals wishing to embrace the Free Culture Philosophy.

    Licenses which are compatible and in harmony with the GNU GPL will be chosen for assets generated by projects. The primary license choices are the GNU GPL, AGPL, and CC-by-SA.



  • documentation and research wiki. Providing a basis for communication, knowledge sharing, and coordination.

  • informational site containing links, news, reviews, and tutorials relating to multimedia and communications technology licensed in harmony with the GNU GPL.