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  • Groupname: eltaninos
  • Users: eadwardus
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    Eltanin is a project aiming to produce a free, simple and complete general purpose operating system (under public domain UNLICENSE). The project has, under development, the utilities described by POSIX, a package manager, a portable ports, and a replacement for the standard libc. While the project is expected to have its own kernel, it is under planning phase, so it have subprojects to use the userland upon existing kernels


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    Redirect calls to a remote repository, that hosts packages in binary form, also mirror some source packages, all in OSI compatible licenses.


    Main page of the project, to presentate it, show how to contribute, where to obtain the code, etc.


    Redirect calls to the official git repository.


    The project documentation


    FOSS web browser pages (welcome, release note, plugins, etc.)

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