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  • Groupname: camayihi
  • Users: dklan
  • Description:

    We are a LUG (Linux User Group) but, don't work only with Linux, we work with Free Software (Software Libre). Actually, we work in four projects:

    - A regional Linux distribution, in this moment without name. This distro Debian based is made with metapackage. The proposal is give a Linux distribution for our region (Santander North) in Colombia. Also we are in conversations with Barí indians (a native indian people from Santander North) for translate our distribution to Barí language. This distribution in spanish will have several lines: Office, Home and Education.

    - A free wireless network, based on Mesh networks. We are working in a schema of network for Chinácota (A city from our region). The idea is create a network between public library and the little schools outside the city.

    - Guides for use of free software in the education. We are developing a serie of texts for dowloading for the schools, and the universitys. We are working about free software versions of Logo (By Seymour Papert), Scratch and Squeak, GCompris and JClic.

    - A web framework based in python, for build our site with it. Actually we are using wordpress or Joomla.

    We are in Colombia, exactly in Cúcuta. Some questions about us and our projects, we don't have problem in answer to you.


  • lang: es