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  • Groupname: wxwrenderfar
  • Users: arunmani
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    Respected viewers, My project is a complete non-profit renderfarm. It is for Blender , another FOSS software for graphics and game engine. My project just wants a website that's all. And we want a website to show our aim. We are a complete nonprofit organisation so we don't ask for single penny. We ask only for a simple donation. Let me tell you breifly about my project. We are a free renderfarm for Blender. How we do this is simple. A person who wants his .blend to be rendered will send his file to us by email. We will render it and send it to the person by email. In his desired format (.mp4,.avi Etc). We do this for free. We don't want any money. We don't ask for money even if it is a 10,000 frame project. We will do it for free. Currently there are only a few completely free renderfarm for Blender. So we want to be part of the few. And help this world. This is all my project is about.


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