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  • Groupname: seifaul
  • Users: murks
  • Description:

    sei_FauL - be lazy

    An Ecasound front-end, written in Lua.

    Ecasound is a hard-disk recording and audio processing tool for Unix-like systems. It exists since many years and has seen many front-ends, yet there's only one actively developed one, and while it is a nice CLI front-end, its graphical version is lacking.

    The goal of sei_FauL is to fill this gap and become a graphical Front-end for Ecasound that is fast to use, provides actually useful features and is reasonably nice to look at.

    sei_FauL is still in the early stages of development. The current state is "proof of concept", it features full CLI control of Ecasound and a fast to use 'takes' concept. A basic GTK+ GUI is among the next goals.

    It is licensed under GPL3 (NOT "or (at your option) any later version.)".



GIT Repositories

  • seifaul/seifaul.git

    Hi there, I use git for source control and would like to host it on TF so interested people can check it out easily. Thanks!