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General information

  • Groupname: freesofttn
  • Users: khaled, ounis
  • Description:

    An overview of free software activity and communities in Tunisia.

    Now it still only a basic html website made by a newly initiated to free software world, it is intended to let people know what is free software, why use it (because in tunisia people are familiar with cracked software), and the most important part of the website is where to find people using and promoting the use of free software in tunisia, so it will contain a listing of communities,meetings ... with a little description and links. This part is important because there is free software associations in tunisia but there is nothing in internet that gathers all of them in a unique website.

    Now the content of the website is almost ready but written in html, and as soon as possible it will evoluate to php.

    About the licence of the content it will be under GPL v2.


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    Main page giving the user the coice between english language or french language to use the website.

SVN Repositories

  • freesofttn/openevote

    It's a GPL licensed application written in php in order to organize an e-vote, used to manage vote within free software communities in tunisia.