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  • Users: atroel
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    BASICS stands for Basics Are Simple Idiot C Software.

    It is licensed under the FreeBSD license (aka 2-clause BSD license).

    It is a C software library that aims at providing the bare necessities when developing C software on constrained environments, for instance where no operating system is available.

    It reduces its dependencies to the bare minimum (at least, an ANSI C compiler) and provides a way to easily enable or disable features when not needed.

    The covered functional subset is well-documented and quite small so as to focus on code efficiency with regard to resources (CPU, memory). It also makes this library easy to use as a base for quick or tiny C project.

    Typical features are:

    - queues, lists, doubly ended queues, AVL, red black and splay trees - memory allocators and pools - fixed point mathematics - C ANSI exceptions - lightweight object oriented framework - design patterns C enabler

    It is clearly not meant to become a concurrent for projects like glib or such, as it has a different scope.


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