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General information

  • Groupname: recaged
  • Users: slinger
  • Description:

    ReCaged is a Free Software, Futuristic, Racing Game.

    With the main inspiration taken from the "Rollcage" and "Rollcage: Stage II" games, it has been written from scratch with focus on high simulation realism and flexibility. It also supports highly detailed 3D models for both rendering and collision detection.

    All code is licensed under GPLv3, and all media files are under free licenses such as: GPLv3, All-Permissive and similar free licenses (such as CC-BY-SA).

    More information, downloads and git repository can be found at:





    Forum website for ReCaged.

    Uses MyBB. If possible, static files (user attachments and avatars) will be stored in the download repository, but it does not seem possible to configure MyBB for this right now.


    Main website for ReCaged.

    Uses Wolf CMS. All large static files (screenshots, videos) will be stored in the Download repository.