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oclaunch (leowzukw)

Petit programme écrit en OCaml, permettant de lancer facilement et automatiquement des commandes lorsqu'il est appelé.

Ce projet hébergerait le code, déjà disponible sur Gitorious, mais surtout une page web explicative. Éventuellement, un gestionnaire de bug serait ajouté.

Ce programme est sous licence CeCILL.

Dépôt git actuel :

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Dual Screen PDF Presenter

dspp (gremy)

An open source multi-monitor presentation tool for PDF files.

It uses Keynote-like multi-monitor output to provide meta information to the speaker. It can show a normal presentation window on one screen and personal notes for the speaker on the other.

This tool is written in Python and released under the MIT license.

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trololo (suizokukan)

dictionnaire sous license GPLv3 du patois du Sud de la Haute-Marne(52). Le dictionnaire est compilé avec Logotheras (projet GPLv3 disponible sur Github).

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Copyleft Image Test Suite

ctestimages (assolila)

Project to gather a test suite of copyleft images suitable for all kind of tests. You want to test bitmap effects? Color-manipulation algorithms? Test your color managed monitor or test-print an image containing colors out of your monitor's color gamut? This project is for you. The project is born from a discussion of contributors from GIMP mailing list, from the issue that Free Software users do not have good test suite, easily available:

Many test images are available on the web but they are usually copyright-encumbered and hard (or impossible) to share legally. We will provide an alternative. The test suite will likely be under a CC by (or at worst CC by-sa) license.

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Stunt Rally

stuntrally (cryham)

The game focuses on closed rally tracks with possible stunt elements (jumps, loops, pipes) and comes with a track editor. It features more than 150 tracks (with various difficulty) in over 30 sceneries, many cars and few other vehicles. Few game modes are present including challenges and networked multiplayer.

Based on VDrift simulation and using OGRE for rendering. License: GPL v3.

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Dave's Photo Gallery

davephotos (davenull)

Galerie de photographies avec Piwigo

Ces photos ont étés prises lors de divers voyages/événements, et sont diffusées sous des licences libres/permissives

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Sources de Technologie

sourcetechno (technoprof)

Ce site est une source d'éléments (fichiers, liens, applications, documents,...) pour acquérir une culture technologique. (pratique et théorique) La mécanique, l'électronique, l'électrotechnique, l'enseignement, les coûts et le développement durable sont des domaines qui sont présents. Tous les sources sont sous licences gpl et les documents sont sous licences gfdl.

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Libre Calendar 2015

librecal2015 (girin)

Small short-term promotional printing project of a calendar (old style, paper one, that you pin on your wall!) with 6 artists using Free Software (GIMP, Blender, etc.).

The calendar itself, as well as all the artworks in it, will be released as Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.

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Libre Graphics Meeting

lgm (ale)

Libre Graphics Meeting is the world’s largest gathering of open source projects from the graphics area and developers and users of these programs.

They come together to share the newest developments and ideas how to improve their software or to show what can be achieved with it.

Since 2006, Libre Graphics Meeting is the primary event where developers of free software for artists meet to work on common goals. LGM is free to attend and open to all.

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opc0de's website

opc0desite (opc0de)

Site web dont le contenu est orienté programmation et administration système ainsi que sécurité informatique. Tout le contenu est sous licence CC-BY-SA.

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