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py3exiv2 (vinss)

py3exiv2 is a Python 3 binding to exiv2, the C++ library for manipulation of EXIF (EXchangeable Image File), IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council) and XMP (eXtensible Metadata Platform) image metadata.

It is a python 3 module that allows your scripts to read and write metadata (EXIF, IPTC, XMP, thumbnails) embedded in image files (JPEG, TIFF, ...).

py3exiv2 is published under the terms of the GPL version 3 licence.

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freepost (zplus)

freepost is a free message board used mainly to discuss free-software and free-culture related topics. It is available at while the source code, licensed as AGPLv3+, is hosted on Savannah.

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blinuxforum (labrad0r)

NL-BE discussiegroep voor en door GNU/Linux & Free Software gebruikers met een visuele beperking / NL-BE discussion group by and for visually impaired GNU/Linux & Free Software users

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Shiraz LUG

shirazlug (akfoss)

website for Shiraz LUG. Licensed under GNU FDL.

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kenoto (mijyn)

The Kenoto project is a collection of software written with the UNIX philosophy of "Only do one thing, but do it well" in mind.

Kenoto is composed of a server software, helper libraries, and various components.

The server allows components to be routed together. The server itself is also a component, which allows it to connect with other servers, and therefore, allow components connected to other servers to connect with the ones connected to this one.

A component, e.g. an audio mixer, would have a few input, output, and bi-directional ports. Using the example of a mixer, it would have many audio inputs, one audio output, and one bi-directional port to communicate with the server (this specific port is simply a mirror of an actual network or unix socket).

While Kenoto is created with authoring of multimedia in mind, it can be used for any medium, including, but not limited to: gaming, chatting, non-multimedia data processing, creating simple software and/or games, etc...

Kenoto is licensed under the FreeBSD (aka 2-clause BSD) license.

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wiki cisco réseaux

wikizro (starzzz)

Ce projet a pour objectif de créer un wiki dans le domaine du réseau et plus précisement pour les équipements de la marque cisco. Le contenu de ce wiki est placé sous les termes de la licence suivante : CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

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Open Filtering Library

openfl (cassinaj)

FL is an open source C++ lightweight template Bayesian filtering library.

License: MIT Url:

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Open Source Volume One

osv1album (xylltd)

After browsing through the Synaptic Repository for Ubuntu I noticed that there were lots of Digital Audio Workstations available. Having taken an interest in the GPL I decided to create some music using only open source software. That's not to say I understand how all the software used works. This project was more to do with creativity and taking an interest in what the open source community was doing. I have a background in DSP and writing music, so making this album was quite a relaxed process.

I'd like to request a project with the TuxFamily. Ideally this project would need a web area and download repository for people to access the music. I've already spoken briefly to Sylvain Rochet about making this a TuxFamily project. What do you think? Can we do it?

Here it is on band camp;

cc by Matthew Hadlum

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gnudroider (rearleharris)

Source and APKs for Android Apps released under the GNU General Public License

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The Open Donut Environment

tode (baldetti)

The Open Donut Environment, est un projet Français de développement d'un nouvel environnement de bureau libre, sous licence GNU GPLv3 pour GNU/Linux. The Open Donut Environment n'est pas un environnement de bureau comme les autres. Il s'inspire des navigateurs fournis par les plus grandes marques d'ordinateurs dans les années 90, en forme de maison. Ce genre de navigateur ayant complètement disparu depuis la fin des années 90, puis tombé dans l'oubli, est le maître mot du concept du projet. The Open Donut Environment, contrairement à la plupart des environnements de bureau, est conçu pour les utilisateurs qui aiment prendre le temps dans leurs loisirs sur ordinateur pour contempler le côté eye-candy de l'interface graphique. L'environnement est codé en C++, avec les bibliothèques SDL.

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