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Libre Calendar 2015

librecal2015 (girin)

Small short-term promotional printing project of a calendar (old style, paper one, that you pin on your wall!) with 6 artists using Free Software (GIMP, Blender, etc.).

The calendar itself, as well as all the artworks in it, will be released as Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.

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Libre Graphics Meeting

lgm (ale)

Libre Graphics Meeting is the world’s largest gathering of open source projects from the graphics area and developers and users of these programs.

They come together to share the newest developments and ideas how to improve their software or to show what can be achieved with it.

Since 2006, Libre Graphics Meeting is the primary event where developers of free software for artists meet to work on common goals. LGM is free to attend and open to all.

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opc0de's website

opc0desite (opc0de)

Site web dont le contenu est orienté programmation et administration système ainsi que sécurité informatique. Tout le contenu est sous licence CC-BY-SA.

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kanary (sirgazil)

A Web widget for learning the sounds and writing of the Japanese syllabary.

Kanary includes the stroke order animations of all the Japanese kana in GIF and Theora video. It also provides a kana viewer written in HTML/CSS/JavaScript that can be embedded in other projects for Japanese learning.

This project files are dedicated to the public domain.

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JDHP PCB collection

jdhppcb (gremy)

A set of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design files for KiCad EDA (Electronic Design Automation). These files define some PCB ready to be manufactured. Each realization contain the KiCad source files which define the PCB, the Gerber files for manufacturing and the printable schematic and PCB in SVG files. Licenses MIT or CC-BY-SA depending on the files.

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p-code website

pdtwebsite (pdt)

Website for documentation and download of my open source software, and access to the source through Fossil repositories. The software includes small utilities, libraries, and VHDL code.

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Léda - L'étude des animaux

leda (marck)

Léda - L'étude des animaux - Mythes, poésies, légendes et histoires naturelles autour des animaux. Textes et illustrations du domaine public ou sous licence libre (quelques clauses d'usage non commercial). Projet sous licence CC0.

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isn : informatique et sciences du numérique

isn (fourlegnie)

Site destiné aux élèves de Terminal permettant de découvrir le HTML, le javascript et l'hébergement d'un site web. Le tout sous licence SS-BY-SA

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Khan Desktop

khandesktop (kdadmin)

Khan Desktop is a Khan Academy viewer, produced independently from the Khan Academy (

See the website for more info.

Software Licence: GNU General Public Version 2

Khan Academy Content Licence: Creative Commons (CC by NC SA) Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike

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Liberal Games

liberalgames (alketr)

Hi , I want to make a web site as game directory , news , information on how to compile them etc. I am also making a pyQt software which will do that automatically but that is not coming soon.

P.S. All games will be on liberal licenses like GNU GPL , MIT etc.

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