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Comic Maker

comicmaker (rearleharris)

This project is a fork of the GPL-licensed Rage Maker Android app. Unlike Rage Maker, there are no ads and no nags. The images used in the comics will be on the sdCard so users can alter and add images. Contributions of images and of code for more features are encouraged and welcomed. Released under the GNU-GPL.

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passionlinux (seb95)

Un site parlant sur les logiciels libre et en particulier sur les distributions linux.

Sur ce site il est question de Debian, Mageia, 0linux, NuTyX... Mais aussi de logiciels comme mldonkey, minidlna...

On parle aussi de tutoriels et pleins de bonne chose.

Le tout sous licence libre uniquement. CC-BY-SA 3.0 et/ou Licence Art Libre 1.3 (LAL 1.3)

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Ioan Moldovan Solutions

ioanmdev (ioanm)

Ioan Moldovan Solutions develops new productivity software, 2D retro games and small C libraries to simplify development for other people. Everything developed is FOSS (Free Open Source Software) and is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 license. Binary .deb files are offered.

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Association Nevers Libre

aneverslibre (neverslibre)

L'association Nevers Libre a pour objet de promouvoir et de soutenir les projets autour de l'informatique, du matériel et du logiciel libre, tout particulièrement dans le département de la Nièvre.

Elle se veut la première association fédérant une communauté de libristes dans le département de la Nièvre.

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Ansible Cloudera Hadoop

ach (sergevs42)

The project is to support required for monitoring/management software and repositories for

The all software going to be hosted here is free software and will be published with source codes. The license is depends on component and will be BSD or MIT

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handylinux (thuban)

Hébergement des dernières images isos stables de la distribution handylinux [1], afin de constituer un miroir fiable à notre serveur principal.

[1] :

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alisandre (suizokukan)

Dictionnaire d'ancien français -> français sous licence GPLv3 et respectant le format (GPLv3) du projet Logotheras (

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Blog Personnel

bloghl (ilrandar)

Nous sommes deux, bien décidés à parler de tout ce qui nous passe par la tête, particulièrement si c’est libre, que ce soit logiciel, culture, ou autre. La totalité du blog est mis sous licence CC-BY-SA.

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Manuel Bastioni Lab

manuellab (mbastioni)

The aim of "Manuel Bastioni Lab" is to bring you an advanced set of open source tools to turn your Blender in a powerful laboratory for character creation. The software (including the code, the models for Blender and all the graphical libraries), is released under AGPL. This software is created on the 15 years experience gained in MakeHuman project. During this lapse of time I used Blender for my experiments, writing python scripts to create new advanced algorithms and making new models, but due on the different architecture, only a small part of my prototypes is currently implemented in MakeHuman. To share all my knowledge I decided to create this open source plugin.

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The Tools Guide

toolsguide (estebancarv)

A wiki whose purpose is to create a guide about the administrator tools, wiki basic information, MediaWiki and related stuff. With license CC-BY-SA.

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