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TASTE toolchain

taste (maxime1008)

The TASTE toolchain stands for "The ASSERT Set of Tools for Engineering" and aims at providing free-based tools for the development of safety-critical systems. It is composed of model analyzers, parsers and other materials needed for the design, validation and implementation of safety-critical and embedded software. Tools are released under free licences (such as GPL or BSD).

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taupebot (taupe)

TaupeBot est un bot IRC modulable écrit en PHP, sous licence GPL

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The Burning Darkness - Cruise Control

tbdcc (ppc98)

A tactical space combat simulation. Multiplayer client/server application, enemy ai players included.

We're going to publish it under the GNU/GPL (GPLv3) license.

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Towbowl Tactics

tbt (kapouik)

Towbowl Tactics alias tbt is a 2D fantasy football game on GNU GPL v2 free licence. The gameplay is based on the rules from a turn by turn strategic board game. The objectif is to be fun as a board game party whit friends but more simply for the establishment. It run on GNU & Linux and Microsoft Windows.

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tddr (elandestoy)

blog develop for myself using JavaScript, php, and MySQL helping others to create they own blog. I love opensource and free software philosophy

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tdestiny (johann)

Toward Destiny is a little open-source game developed in Java under the GPL license. It consists of the management of characters having to evolve and make evolve their environment, with a particular accent on the personalization of this last one. It is an isometric 3d game located in the Middle Ages, with plenty of castles and regions to be explored.

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Team Carabobo Ubuntu Venezuela

teamcarabobo (emerling)

Equipo de difusión de GNU/Linux Ubuntu y Software Libre en General, conferencias, Soporte Técnico Comunitario, Eventos, Instalaciones, links, Chat IRC, Noticias, etc.

Equipo Regional de la Comunidad Local Oficial Ubuntu-ve de Ubuntu.

Todo el contenido es Copyleft, GPL, creative commons según sus desarroladores y propietarios.

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tecambio - exchange of goods and services

tecambio (elipandola)

The exchange is the oldest economic transaction in the world. It is still present in our Bolivian everyday life in different forms. When the money is not an option for the person, to exchange goods or services is a difficult decision to take because the exchange centres are far away, the variety is restricted, and the free publication of exchanges doesn’t exist. This project is a Web application to favor the exchange of goods and services. The code licence: GNU GPL

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techno (thma)

site colaboratif proposant aux prof de techno des activités pour les eleves de colléges en utilisant essentiellement des logiciels libres. notamment la suite Openoffice pour la bureautique, mozilla pour la navigation et le B2i, the gimp pour la creation et la retouche d'image

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technosalad (notoriousxl)

Notoriousxl's personal repository for Debian i386 and Powerpc, with various GPL software he recompiles for his personal usage. All packages will be installed under /opt/ts, and they won't touch the system. A compiling HOWTO will be also provided for each package.

License: GPL for packages, BY-SA Creative Commons Licence for compiling howtos.

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