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debianw (eka808)

forum d'aide sur debian

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debianworld (efaistos)

Site Debian pour utilisateurs francophones

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debibox (debignu)

Site Personnel, blog, articles linux, programmation Bash/Perl/Qt/C++ Exclusivement axé sur le libre et les logiciels libres. Licence publique GPL

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debleb (functional)

deb leb is a file browser for debian/linux developed with C and GTK,its open source,and under GPL,main source code can be found in this link

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Debian KDE-Plasmoids repository

debplasmorep (smihael)

Idea is very simple: to provide a Debian repository with KDE-Plasmoids, all of them are open-source (most of them are licensed with GPL).

Actually I have one repository which is hosted on, but I found that their servers are time to time unavailable. Also in their rules is prohibited to host big downloads portals.

You can see Plasmoids I already packaged on following page: ?q=node/10

I'm planning to compile many packages (there are a lot of Plasmoids on

Also now repository isn't 'real' (due to small bandwidth). Debian developers call them Trivial ones. This is also why I didn't provide sources. I have all the sources somewhere on my computer, and actually all the sources are on kde-look and in package description I made full links to original download page.

Thank you!

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debshare (sayanriju)

A .debshare file is a way to facilitate sharing of multiple .deb package files in the form of a single, "self-executable", monolithic archive. This project aims to formulate the .debshare file specifications, along with some practical methods to generate such files. The programming languages used are bash scripting and PHP. All code is under GNU GPL v3.

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Debian Laptop Switch

debswitch (r0gue)

L'Association Freedom Culture Annecy souhaite proposer bénévolement l'installation de GNU/Linux Debian 5 sur ordinateur portable en remplacement de Microsoft Windows (pré-installé) ou en parallèle (double boot).

Nous pensons organiser, à une cadence la plus régulière possible, des soirées/réunions ouvertes ou les gens peuvent venir avec leur laptop/netbook pour switcher (ou s'informer après un switch).

La partie internet de ce projet est une présentation de notre association, ainsi qu'un support technique pour les personnes/adhérents ayant des problèmes/questions post installation.

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debuntuwiki (debuntu)

Debuntu est un wiki sur lequel nous mettons à disposition des tutoriaux sur GNU/Linux, Debian et Ubuntu sous license GFDL par défaut. Version actuelle

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debux (cern91)

remettre en place mon ancien site cern91 site generaliste aide a la configuration systeme reseau audio et video pour distro gnu linux librement michel luc

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deeploy (joels)

Deeploy allows a user without admin rights to specify the action to install or configure applications on servers and built the installation script for him. Deeploy does not replace system packages tools like YUM or distributed administration tools like Puppet, but is intended to replace installation scripts handmade by something more robust and reusable. Deeploy is distributed under the Artistic License 2.0.

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