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vegeti (webmike)

Hi, My project is to create a little community of free art. There will be some tutorials and a forum for the mains categories. I may add a flash header in the future. The free software which will be used are "the gimp" and maybe "blender" if people want it. i will surely create a phpbb forum manually. For starting, there will just be a forum which is the base of the site but the essential contents will be added in the site. The webdesign is actually in construction. Thanks to accept my project.

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wakonda (mlafon)

Wakonda est un assistant pour Menneur de jeu (Jeux de Roles sur papier et par correspondance) développé à la manière d'un espace de travail intégré. Wakonda est développé en XML, PHP et Java sur le framework Eclipse RCP et est distribué sous license CECILL (

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yuk (yuk159)

A graphic blog for my illustrator work realised with Gimp, Blender, Inkscape etc... With Tutorials, and exemple under GNU/FDL and Creative Commons Licences.

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zooblendies (marcolopio)

Site web pour organiser des concours 3d sous Blender. Les images du concours seront sous license CC-BY-SA.

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