Details for group Exceptionz Project

General information

  • Groupname: exceptionz
  • Users: exceptionzr
  • Description:

    Exceptionz project contains all files, translations, documentations which are created by the exceptionz project web team. All subprojects in this project are free software and were / will be created to help other free software projects or to create new free software projects.




    Official, incomplete project repository / introduction site of Exceptionz Projects in the English language. It is also the main international section of the project.

SVN Repositories

  • exceptionz/etp

    Subversion repository for the etp (exceptionz todo project) which is used as a central roadmap for svn projects of the main project.

  • exceptionz/old

    Svn repository for old / obsolete projects of exceptionz project.

  • exceptionz/translations

    Svn repository for translation files which are created by exceptionz project (current translations done: jaws cms (German), jaws cms (Turkish), flatpress (German), flatpress (Turkish)