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  • Groupname: debplasmorep
  • Users: smihael
  • Description:

    Idea is very simple: to provide a Debian repository with KDE-Plasmoids, all of them are open-source (most of them are licensed with GPL).

    Actually I have one repository which is hosted on, but I found that their servers are time to time unavailable. Also in their rules is prohibited to host big downloads portals.

    You can see Plasmoids I already packaged on following page: ?q=node/10

    I'm planning to compile many packages (there are a lot of Plasmoids on

    Also now repository isn't 'real' (due to small bandwidth). Debian developers call them Trivial ones. This is also why I didn't provide sources. I have all the sources somewhere on my computer, and actually all the sources are on kde-look and in package description I made full links to original download page.

    Thank you!


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