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General information

  • Groupname: bromite
  • Users: csagan5
  • Description:

    Bromite is Chromium plus ad blocking and privacy enhancements; take back your browser!

    Bromite aims at providing a no-clutter browsing experience without privacy-invasive features and with the addition of a fast ad-blocking engine.

    Minimal UI changes are applied to help curbing the idea of “browser as an advertisement platform”.

    Bromite patches are licensed under GNU GPL v3; other patches included are under BSD license, including the codebase (Chromium) which is a mix of BSD (most of it), MIT and LGPL licenses.


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    I plan to maintain here the official F-Droid repository of Bromite, so basically metadata + icons.

    My plan for the actual downloads (which are sizable, around ~100MB each) is to put in place rewrite rules/redirects that point to the official releases (hosted on Github).