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htmlmimemail (zeuh)

htmlMimeMail5 is a PHP 5 lib which allows you to send email with attachments, HTML and embedded images.

This is originaly developped and released under GPL by Richard Heyes from and renamed the project in 2009 and change licence to non-free.

This project is a fork to maintain GPL version of this lib.

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Hoang Tran's Wiki Page

httran (hoangtran)

This is my wiki page, written by me about my thoughts/rants on open source software. My writing is published under Creative Commons 3.0 (CC-by-SA)

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hummer (yanev)

Themes for metacity, gtk, usplash, mock-ups and other GPL files that i've createdl, or i participate in.

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hundiyas (jalbam)

License of Hundiyas are GPL and MPL 1.1.

Hundiyas is an open source "Battleship" alike game totally written in DHTML (JavaScript, CSS and HTML) that uses mouse. This cross-platform and cross-browser game was tested under BeOS, Linux, *BSD, Windows and others.

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hunzibookm (hunzi)

Projet sous Licence GPL. En phase d'apprentissage du langage C#, je souhaite travailler élaborer un logiciel de gestion de favoris Internet stockés dans une base de données distante. Utilisation de Visual C# et découverte de la plateforme Mono.

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Hybrid Graphics on Linux

hybridgraph (wetneb)

A common wiki for those who are developing and testing software around support for hybrid graphics on linux distributions. The content of this wiki is published under GNU Free Documentation Licence.

Un wiki partagé par ceux qui développent et testent des logiciels qui permettent l'utilisation de cartes graphiques multiples sous linux. Le contenu de ce wiki est placé sous la GNU Free Documentation Licence.

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hybridp (hybrid)

just the ressurection of the old Hybrid Project, which was hosted on tuxfamily time ago :

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hydrogen (smoors)

Hydrogen is an advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

It is licensed under the GPL v2.

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Hylius E17 Project Tools...

hylius (futility)

Hylius project is a collection of tools for e17 desktop(hardware browser, messenger...).

Existing and functionnal: -EHB aka "Enlightened Hardware Browser". -detect library(not e17).

in devel: -envol

In another way, HandiMalin isn't a part of Hylius-E17 project: -HandiMalin.

All is under GPL2

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hyperminus (rootix)

hyperminus est un robot IRC très intelligent, une extension xmpp sera prévue.

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