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archux (miggols99)

This is a website with mainly Arch Linux tutorials, and my blog about Linux and technology. There are also general tutorials for general Linux distros. The content will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. See for more information.

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arcueid (dido)

Arcueid is a C-based interpreter for the Arc dialect of Lisp developed by Paul Graham.

The code for the interpreter is to be organized as a library suitable for embedding, under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 and a command-line Read-Eval-Print Loop interpreter licensed under the GNU GPL version 3. Other stand-alone programs that are to be included with the system should in general be licensed under GPLv3 unless there is some pressing reason not to do so, but in any case all code for the project will always and be under a license approved by the FSF as a Free Software license.

Arcueid uses in places the original Arc code provided by Paul Graham and Robert Morris and so portions directly related to this will be licensed under the Perl Artistic License version 2.0.

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arda (qapoka)

"Battle for Arda" est un jeu de strategie temps relle en ligne, en php/my sql. Il est developpe sous la licence GPL donc libre.

Le principe du jeu est, en tant que souverain d'une petite nation, de survivre au milieu de ses voisins en utilisant a bon essient force, diplomatie ou commerce.

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arepo (achraf)

Free Ubuntu Breezy repository.

It contain most programs not found in Ubuntu Server : Firefox, Comix, fltk 1.1.7, jargoninformatique, vbaexpress, ultrasplitter, msniff...

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arewegodot (omicron)

Waiting for Godot ? A single page to track Godot Engine progress.

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arfprogrammer`s weblog

arfweb (arfprogramer)

the Persian and english weblog that share programming skills to every one.

the content of this site is released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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ARGENTIX : GNU/Linux et Logiciels Libres sur Argentan(61)

argentix (zafx)

Argentix est le groupe d'utilisateur des logiciels libres d'Argentan(61).

Nous rassemblons localement les personnes concernées par la philosophie du libre, utilisant les logiciels libres et les systèmes d'exploitation libres et désirant prendre une part active dans la promotion des logiciels libres et d'un internet libre.

Nous nous entraidons, nous participons à diverses manifestations: démonstrations, présentations, install-party, etc. Chacun est invité à aider, en partageant ses idées et ses compétences, en proposant ses projets et en faisant connaître autour de lui les logiciels libres et les enjeux de la l'indépendance d'internet.

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arimaa client

arimaaclient (carlosanna)

Arimaa-client is GPL licensed program, written in C with GTK+ library, to play Omar Syed's arimaa game online with others players.

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Arkandis Digital Foundry

arkandis (hirwen)

New hosting for the Arkandis Digital foundry. Free fonts for free publication fonts are under opensource lisence (GPL with font exception, Vera, utopia, AFPL)

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armaro (er24)

Armaro is an open-source project under CC BY-SA 4.0 license. It is a website, and I am going to share my experience about GNU/Linux, Machine Learning and Computer Science in general. Furthermore, I am going to collaborate with one of my friends and produce podcast episodes about GNU/Linux. This website will be the right place to share all these. I should note that I am an Iranian and everything I publish in this project will be in Persian, French or English language, but mostly in Persian. Although Persian is my mother tongue, English and French are the second and the third language I speak respectively.

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